Nilesat 101 102 frequency 2019

March update: Nilesat and satellites have bought been decommissioned since The current Nilesat satellite is the You should read about that instead. I had the opportunity to visit Zaria, a town in Northern Nigeria, on my recent trip to that country. I was pleasantly surprised to have observed so many satellite dishes as I was being driven into the city.

In a few minutes after my arrival, I was switching through the channels on the satellite receiver; over of them. Nilesat is an Egyptian company, and the name of a series of Egyptian communications satellites.

Nilesat operates multiple geosynchronous communications satellites all of which are stationed at 7 degrees West. Content include: news, movies, talk shows, reality shows, sports and everything else you can imagine on a satellite tv service. Nilesat currently operates two satellites: Nilesat and Nilesat I flipped through over channels which were mostly Arabic channels with some having English subtitles.

I even saw a channel from Chad Republic. Were these good enough to watch? Yes they were most especially because viewing the channels was absolutely free-of-charge. You pay no monthly subscription so long you have a satellite dish big enough to capture the signals from space. There is a catch: you have to be within the geographic footprint of the NileSat satellites.

بعد مشاهدتك لهذا الفيديو لن تواجهك أي صعوبة في تنزيل القنوات على أي رسيفر

As you can see from the map to your left, Nigeria is not exactly within the red lines. Thus, those in northern Nigeria need a bigger dish to be able to capture the signals. Despite the big dishes used in Zaria, some of the TV channels still cracked since the signal strength was low.

nilesat 101 102 frequency 2019

This means only those at the extremely northern part of West Africa have access to the NileSat services. I have the dstv decoder,Any luck watching free channels in south africa and kenya except supreme FTA?

Would other decoders offer more? Would like to know why I cannot access our channels on my decordar here in Zambia. Its impossible. Can i please get all the satellites the are in the west with beam in west africa can if possible FTA channels on them.

Can i please get all the satellites that are in the west with beam in west africa and if possible FTA channels on them. I am using 2.

nilesat 101 102 frequency 2019

I will appreciate aprompt and full explanation. You need a big dish to receive NileSat signals anywhere in southern parts of Nigeria. A minimum of 2. That is the most important factor. I suggest you speak with a satellite installer in your locality for futher assistance.

I need frequency and TP for Nilesat 7Wam in Abeokuta and what is the direction for the installation. I am not an expert in FTA but i think the direction of nilesat is west and that is exactly the opposite direction which a Dstv dish is facing. There are too many frequencies on NileSat to post here. Simply do a blind scan on your digital satellite receiver.

Thanks from Ikorodu Lagos State. Pls i do not know the numbers for TP and SR as well as how to enter them into the decoder.Christian television channel from Lebanon founded in by the Catholic-Maronite Church. HD Arabic satellite television channel from London since Al Hiwar, the Dialogue. Television channel that broadcasts conferences live without editing or commentary, using subtitles when translation is needed.

Also known as Al Jazeera Live. Documentary channel. Based in Sulaymaniyah. National public television first channel. HD Coptic Christian television channel in honour of St. Mar Markos Egyptian Satellite. Pan-Arabist news satellite television channel launched on June Based in Beirut.

nilesat 101 102 frequency 2019

Privately owned television station based in Damascus, Syria. Loyal to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Headed by Imad Sara. The third television channel of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Arabic language Ahmadiyya Muslim television channel. Coptic Christian television channel in honour of St. Movies television channel in English with Arabic subtitles.

Nilesat - All Channels - All Frequencies - Update 2019/2020

It mostly broadcasts American Hollywood movies. Syrian satellite television channel based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Not aligned with the government of President Bashar Al Assad. Headquarters located in Tehran, Iran. HD National public television first channel.

Launched on 6 May State-owned Egyptian satellite television channel. News in Arabic, English, French, and Hebrew. It is also broadcast as a terrestrial channel on UHF. New public television channel specialized in Saudi and Arab drama. Also talk and cookery shows, religious programs. HD New public television channel specialized in Saudi and Arab drama.

Islamic religious television channel run by Dawat-e-Islami Sunni Islam organization based in Pakistan. HD Television channel that broadcasts conferences live without editing or commentary, using subtitles when translation is needed. HD Documentary channel. S at E xpat. Beam MENA.Add daily news from TrackSat. Channels Directory. Satellite Operator. Internet Providers. Counting Record s - Sorted by frequency - Last updated on : January 7, Frequency, Polarity. Name of Channel Package.

Mode, Video Encryption. Updated Comments Contributed. Al Jazeera Children's Channel. Aljazeera Mubasher. Al Arabiya. Al Jazeera Channel. Azaal TV. Sudan TV. High Education Channel. Ara EG. Al Manarah Science Channel. Nilesat promo. Salah Addin.Occasional Feeds, data or inactive frequency High Definition. Toon een beeld. Live beelden. Eutelsat 7 West A. Zarok TV.

Safa TV. Cairo Drama. Cairo Cinema. Tunisia Nat 2. Tunisia Nat 1. Sudan TV. Al Amaken Satellite Channel. Aghapy TV. Libya Ahrar HD Not permanent. Coptic TV. Bethel Television. Al Rahma TV. The Word Network. Afaq TV. Rusiya Al-Yaum. Cinema 1. Echorouk TV. Beur TV. Al Mustakillah TV. Al Shams Satellite Channel.

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ERTU 3.Post a Comment. Qatar TV. Tigrai TV. Alaraby TV. Masr Alhaya.

(New 2019) Nilesat All Channels List Frequency - Nilesat

Amir Alshea. Al Arrab TV. Jannah TV. Al Shahed TV. Alfath TV. Daawah TV. Al Malakoot. Al Awhad TV. Kurdistan TV. Al Tanasuh TV. Bin Othaimeen. Al Soyoof TV. Alamaken Drama. Sada Satellite Channel. Safa TV Saudi Arabia. Al M3ali TV. Future International.

LBC Sat. Watania 2. Watania 1.

Nilesat Satellite (7°W) Update 2019 - 2020

Sudan TV.Nilesat frequency list Freq Pol Mode. Channel Name. Qatar TV. Annajaf TV info card. Alanwar TV 2. Tunisia News Network. Al-Eshraq TV. Al Hujjah TV. Libya Almukhtar TV. Nilesat package. Al Soyoof TV. Al-Amaken Drama. Mehwar Drama.

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Al Baghdadia 2. Al Farasha TV. Al Seha wa al Jamal TV. Al-Qiethara TV. Cairo Cinema. Iraq Educational Channel. Tunis Al Watania 2. Tunisia National Television 1. Oman TV Live. Libya Kid promo. Al Adhwaa TV. Al Amaken Satellite Channel.

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Oman TV Sport. Aljazeera Mubasher. Libya Al Ahrar. Dar Al Hekmah. Al Magharibia. Dala3 Banat TV. Panorama Comedy. Nadi Al Asdikaa TV. Madani Channel. Noursat Al Chabab. Libya Almontada. Al Magharibia Two. Elshaddai Television Network.Post a Comment. Frequencies of all arabic tv channels updated on Nilesat Langue : Arabic. A One TV. Aaj Tak. Langue : Hindi. ABP News India. Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya 1.

Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya 2. Abu Dhabi Drama. Langue : English. Abu Dhabi Drama HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 3 HD.

Abu Dhabi Sports 4 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 5 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 6 HD. Abu Dhabi TV. Addis TV Network.

Nilesat Satellite (7°W) Update 2019 - 2020

Aden TV. Afaq TV. Afrah TV. Aghani Aghani. Aghapy TV. Ahel Al Quran.

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Ahwazna TV. Ajman TV. Ajman TV HD.

nilesat 101 102 frequency 2019

Aksyon TV International.

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